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Press Embossing
Press Embossing
Add impact to your business card with a custom Press Embossing. This process will create a raised or three dimensional logo or name on your business card. The surface of the paper is raised by pressing from the reverse side of the paper. We provide two options for Press Embossing; Blind Press Embossing & Ink Press Embossing. Nouveau is the best suitable stock for Press Embossing.
Press Embossing 1 Press Embossing 2 Press Embossing 3 Press Embossing 4 Press Embossing 5 Press Embossing 6
Detail Description of Press Embossing
Estimated production time 2days (*finishing production days should be added to printing production.)
Available Products Paper business cards / Postcards (View finishing combination table)
Available paper All paper business card stocks excluding Yupo
Applicable sidePress embossing can only be applied to one side of the card
Maximum size1.57"X0.79"/ 40mmX20mm
  • *Non standard sizes or multiple areas must be custom quoted.

  • Blind Press Embossing vs. Ink Press Embossing

    Blind Press Embossing: embossing only over the paper. An embossed image that is not stamped over a printed image, not foil stamped, and the resulting raised image is the same color as the paper is blind embossing.
    Ink Press Embossing: print with ink first and embossing applied over. Embossing applied to a printed image. It refers to embossing over ink.
Press Embossing Size/ Qty.(pcs)2004006008001000
1.57"X0.79"/ 40mmX20mm$13.99$25.99$37.99$49.99$61.99

*Each option price is in addition to your product price

Blind Press Embossing File Preparations
Ink Press Embossing File Preparations
How to add this finishing options?
1. Please select one possible product for this finishing option.
2. You can upload your own designed file or select one from our free design templates.
3. Please select finishing options and check out for the order completion.
global express shippinh serving to more than 200 cuuntries at lowest proces.
global express shippinh serving to more than 200 cuuntries at lowest proces.
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